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What is Beauty By Choice glueless wigs, human hair wigs, hair extensions, wigs for women

Originating out of Buffalo, New York, Beauty by Choice provides an unique experience with a variety of carefully curated top of the line human hair extensions and glueless wigs created to help you embody beauty with confidence. Creator and Licensed cosmetologist Jasmine R. is committed to providing you the highest quality human hair extensions that are long lasting, beginner friendly and hassle free.



What we stand for

human hair wigs,gluless wigs, wigs for women

We believe in individuality and catering to the expression of beauty. With a variety of products to choose from we’re here to help you create the look of your dreams no matter if it’s a natural day to day look or full out glam. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing a pleasant experience for your hair needs





  glueless wigs, human hair wigs. wigs for womenThe Creator 

As a young girl I’ve always been fascinated with different hairstyles, texture, fashion and art. I dreamt of being a fashion designer in Paris but my want to have the latest hairstyle outgrew that dream. I played in all my cousin’s hair and convinced a lot of my friends to let me practice styles on them (lol). At the time the local beauty shops were the only place we knew to buy hair until one day I was out shopping, and my mother pointed out how beautiful this women’s hair extensions were and asked where she purchased them, and she told us she got them online.


My world was never the same after that, I was determined to exclusively purchase my extensions online for several reasons, the main ones being: They were a much better quality than beauty supply hair & no one else would have them which meant I was set apart and that was enough for me.


With my obsession to find the best hair extensions I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars searching high and low dragging family across state lines, making bad investments, and extensive research I finally found the unicorn of hair extensions and now I’m here to share them with the world.