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Is a lace front or full lace better ?

You might ask yourself which type of wig is better for you, don’t worry, the answer is here! First, let’s talk about the difference in a full lace and lace front; a full lace means that you can part your wig anywhere for any style and it is supposed to replicate your scalp, a lace front can only be parted in the front section of your head typically starting from your forehead to the back of your ear. Each one serves its purpose, but most consumers are not hair stylist and can’t see the back of their head so it’s easier to manage a lace frontal instead of the full lace wig and have confidence that your style looks good overall. To take it a step further, a lace closure is the best option for someone who likes minimal work without compromising their style. Whichever wig construct you decide to go with each one offers a variety of colors, lengths, sizes and density. If you still aren’t sure which wig is best for you Beauty by Choice has some great choices for you to browse and possibly become a new wig lover!

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